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It is worth mentioning that more than the years using Web 2.0 have had a clear, crisp rise that resulted in benefit for the most of entrepreneurs online who have been running businesses and marketing their products with a few stiff background. The net 2.0 is a great platform for anyone who wishes to acquire the free-blogging services as it has provided accurate leads to the past and that too in mere amount of money.

Web 2.0 Service
The most interesting aspect behind using the manual web 2. 0.0 creation services is its convenience where the user has the freedom to create relevant alterations in URLS, insertion of images, videos along with a whole heap of other goodies which come in addition to this service. It would be appropriate to convey that currently there’s not one other platform available online providing such customizable characteristics with exact minimal rates for the clients around the world.
The World Wide Web provided a way for individuals to use a network of computers to efficiently exchange files. In general, content for that Web was made by a relatively small group of individuals or small "content development groups." Once created, the information (HTML pages and media files) was uploaded to servers and then downloaded by "content consumers" who used an internet browser to show webpages. An average Joe was not involved with development of Content. This era of time has become known as Web 1.0.
The evolution from the Web has resulted in what is called, "Web 2.0". What is new about Web 2.0 may be the gradual and recurring rise in technologies that allow more people to sign up in Web content creation. These facilitating technologies include advances at the degree of the pc hardware open to most people and at the amount of software that makes it easier for individuals to create Web content.
"Web 2.0 is both a usage along with a technology paradigm. It is an assortment of technologies, business strategies, and social trends. Web 2.0 is more dynamic and interactive than its predecessor, Web 1.0, letting user’s access content from the Site and brings about the items in that Web site. Web 2.0 enables users to keep up with a site's newest content edits even without visiting the actual Web page. It also lets developers create new Web applications that draw on data, information or services available on the Internet."
Web 2.0 is an umbrella term encompassing several new Web technologies as will be outlined later. It "harnesses the Web in a more interactive and collaborative manner, emphasizing peers' social interaction and collective intelligence, and presents new opportunities for leveraging the Web and engaging its users more effectively."
Web 2.0 is seen as a software that supports easy Content creation in the form of blogs, wikis, digital media uploading websites, and new types of online social networking websites. Software advances make it easier for more people to participate as Content creators. Websites where users are participants in Web content creation have brought an increasingly robust social nature to Web 2.0 which has built upon the spirit of simpler online communities that formed within the first decade around the globe Wide Web.


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